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by nhocconminh

The observatory has the following instrument:

I. Core Items

  1. CDK24. with fused silica primary and secondary. 6m F/6.5 CDK optical tube, primary to secondary spacer tool, three cooling fans on backplate and four cooling fans on sides, planewave dovetail. Delta-T heaters pre-installed.
  2. Mount, L-Series 600 direct drive for CDK24
  3. Clamp, planewave dovetail to A200, L-Series or paramount versa plate
  4. Ascend declination balance accessory for ascension 200 mount
  5. L-500 mount sliding weight accessory. pre-installed on L-600 mount

II. Recommended accessories for Alt/Az orientation (EFA kit is needed for operating the focuser)

  1. IRF90. Integrated rotating focuser. a focuser and field rotator with 7″ gears 40 lbs payload capacity. EFA kit, 200901 is required and is not included
  2. EFA kit CDK17 and CDK24 – electronic focus, temperature, and accessory control
  3. Feather touch 2″ diameter dual speed focuser with 2.5″ of travel
  4. Adapter, planewave 20, or 24 to feather touch focuser, FTF2025BCR
  5. Keller ez saddle, 3″ universal tilt-in saddle – length 16
  6. Pier L500 24″ tall. to mate with L500 / 600 mount

III. Optional accessories

  1. Automated primary mirror cover for planewave CDK24 optical tube with electronics and software, four leaf.
  2. Piggyback dovetail & bracket for CDK24
  3. Diagonal, deluxe 2″ dielectric – 1/10th wave mirror, enhanced star diagonal 99% reflective, dielectric coatings, produced in the USA by Stellarvue
  4. Adapter, 3.5″ to 2″ visual
  5. IRF90 to 2″ adapter and securefit to 2″. Also work on hedrick 3.5″ focuser
  6. Shroud, spandex upper cage light shroud
  7. Counterweight kit for CDK12.5, 3x .5 lbs weights and a female dovetail clamp. Slides onto the bottom dovetail of the CDK12.5 to counter balance changing accessories
  8. Finderscope with quick release and bracket, Finderscope 50mm with 23mm crosshair eyepiece
  9. Base, finders bracket
  10. Delta-T dew heater control box, with AC adapter and USB cables.

VI. CCD camera and filter wheel accessories

  1. Spacer, for 3.5″ Hedrick focuser and the IRF90 for CDK24. (Makes backfocus the same as the CDK14, which is 11.09″ from mounting surface of spacer)
  2. SBIG STX-Ultimate package (STX16803 with AOX, STX guider, FW7-STX, LRGB, HA, OIII, and S2 filters)
  3. Securefit low profile CCD spacer part 1 of 2 (3.5″ focuser side)
  4. Securefit low profile CCD spacer part 2 of 2 (3.5″ telescope side)
  5. Spacer, CCD securefit L = 2.1″
  6. Adapter, securefit to male FLI threads 3.005-24UNS-2B
  7. Adapter, SBIG Flat 3″-24 female

V. Crating

  1. Crating, CDK24 export crate line with full 1″ Poly foam over all interior surfaces, outer dimensions of L = 78, W = 40, H = 48. Use 4×4 skids and make so top and front is removable
  2. Crating L-600, 37x48x72 OD: 3-sided and top nailed, screw on side with the entire crate screwed around the bottom, solid 2×6 decking, OSB walls with 1×4 trim, IPPC stamped

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